Danielle Coleman

Daniell Coleman Chatswood Massage Therapist

Danielle is a qualified massage therapist with an interest in helping people to achieve their desired results. Whether relief from pain or aiding relaxation, Danielle uses her interest in anatomy and knowledge of the body’s complex systems, to work your muscles to release tension and function better. This can also include developing a plan of action, identifying contributing factors such as posture or advising on injury prevention. 

Danielle has a passion for the great outdoors, having recently taken an extensive road trip where she got to experience nature and travel where the off beaten roads took her. Discovering all that nature and our amazing country has to offer. From this experience, she brings back new found knowledge of and respect for the environment, the importance of living in the moment, being self-sufficient and overcoming obstacles as they arise. Danielle’s enjoyment of hiking also helps her focus on the need for self-care, following a healthy diet and the importance of maintaining fitness. 

Danielle works at Feel Amazing in Chatswood on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

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