Lior Ehud

Lior has studied psychology and philosophy, taught yoga and is a qualified naturopath. He is also a registered nurse. Lior sees his work in massage therapy as another aspect of healing. He is inspired by ancient practices from the time when feet were not such a neglected aspect of our bodies and medicine involved foot baths. These days though he sees clients with the impact of our lifestyle effecting our bodies, posture and movement, from office work and our endless use of technology.
Lior works with clients to identify what the contributing factors are to their current symptoms (such as our behaviour and diet) then providing massage and treatment that can help get over the initial muscle tension and pain. From there his clients can learn to self manage those factors to prevent future pain and advises them to seek treatment when their body is then telling them to. He is confident working with people who have neck injury, including headache, migraine, TMJ, sinus issues or history of past stroke. He also has skills in incorporating craniosacral work as part of his massage. His naturopathy clients often benefit from his ability to look at what medical treatment they are receiving and then working with them to support this through the use of herbs and lifestyle modification.
Lior works at Feel Amazing Wellness Centre on a Saturday. He is fluent in English and Hebrew.