Massage is a treatment that is focused on various parts of the body to loosen and manipulate soft tissue to improve health and wellbeing. There is a positive change to the circulation, improving blood flow, reducing tension in muscles and having a positive effect on the nervous system. This can lead to reduction in muscle stiffness, relief of muscle spasms, greater range of movement, relief of stress and tension symptoms such as headache, aiding faster healing of injury, reducing pain and inflammation, improving posture and enhancing the body and mind connection.

Massage is our specialty; our experienced and fully qualified therapists have a reputation for “healing hands” and enjoy seeing clients Feeling Amazing after their appointments!

The types of symptoms that massage can help are numerous and research has been done to show that there are benefits for a variety of medical conditions, as well as for children to older adults. We treat people who have short term injury to others with more complex ongoing chronic conditions. There are physical and emotional benefits to massage that are enhanced through regular treatments, which many of our clients find then helps them to better manage not only their health and sense of wellbeing, but cope with their day to day activities, work demands, stress, illness and family life. So, while getting a massage can be relaxing and a great way to take some time out for yourself, other benefits are just amazing!

There are a variety of techniques for massage and types of massages. This includes remedial massage, sports massage, deep tissue, relaxation and pregnancy massage. What our massage therapists can offer you is an individualised treatment using both our skills and your preferred massage techniques, based on your symptoms and current health concerns. We will work with you to address what your body needs and suggest follow up exercises or stretches when appropriate.

We often work with other health professionals to provide holistic care and receive referrals from physiotherapists, chiropractors, podiatrists and doctors seeking complimentary treatment for their clients and patients.

One area of massage that has made us one of the most well know centres in Sydney for is pregnancy massage. For more information click here