Monique Drielsma

Monique Drielsma Chatswood Physiotherapist

Monique joins the Feel Amazing team offering EMS treatments. Being a qualified physiotherapist currently working in the aged care sector, Monique has enjoyed working in Australia and abroad in various community, private practice, and facility-based roles. Monique has a keen interest in health and is eager to explore new ideas to restore and maintain wellness for a graceful ageing process.
Since the birth of her child, Monique, along with other colleagues particularly in the women’s health sector, recognise that women are aware of and should be afforded more focus and attention on the health issues affecting them, particularly in the post-partum stage and beyond. Monique has discovered great results using EMS for both women and men and enjoys seeing the positive life-enhancing changes from this treatment for an array of conditions.
Monique will be providing EMS treatment on Saturdays at Feel Amazing Wellness Centre in

Feel Amazing Wellness Centre