New Year’s Resolution Tips – Part Two!

At Feel Amazing Wellness Centre in Chatswood, our practitioners are here to help you focus on the positive changes that really can make a difference. We are all dealing with increased stress and situations we’re not used to. While at this time of the year many are also settling into changed work and school schedules. So if we can try and do something to manage our stress and prevent illness and injury, then this can only benefit our overall health and support our body’s innate ability to heal.

Treatments from our practitioners include chiropractic, needling and remedial massage and are targeted to your individual needs. We can address tightness and tension carried in the muscles and tissue, improving circulation and blood flow, calming the nervous system and releasing the body’s natural feel-good and pain relief hormones. This process can help relieve stress, aid in a better night’s sleep, and can give you the time needed to recharge your energy and escape from the demands of life for a while. We can then give you some exercises to do at home to help keep your body moving. When your posture improves and your body is functioning the way it was designed to, even the world can look a little brighter. 

Meanwhile, the changing landscape of all our lives continues and sometimes a little extra help is needed, and that’s OK…

While welcoming in a new year and making resolutions may have sounded good, our continued global health challenges mean many of us are still dealing with restrictions (thankfully they seem to be coming to an end again), change and stress at levels we haven’t felt before. We may not have the headspace to think about future goals or plans. So if you or someone you know could use some support, the following articles from and on managing stress and getting help during this unprecedented time are great resources.

If you need some treatment to ease stress, or there are steps you want to take towards improving your own wellness, or if you have lifestyle goals to meet, the team at Feel Amazing Wellness Centre are here to help and support you to make them happen. 

Whether it’s looking into dietary changes, treating a chronic health condition, or booking a regular naturopathic consultation, massage, or chiropractic adjustment, improving and then maintaining your health is a click away.  

Feel Amazing is regularly posting on Instagram and Facebook with hints and tips for each month’s newsletter blog topic. Some of this year’s information will be on posture and spine health, managing stress, pregnancy care, food intolerances and immunity. So follow us and get in touch if you have any questions or to let us know if there are other topics you’d like to see us cover. 

Cheers, Anthony

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