Our Team

Anthony – Naturopathy, Needling & Massage

Anthony Middlemiss

Anthony developed an interest in natural therapies while growing up in a family that were connected to the land and from seeing how nature could provide and heal.

Elijah –

Elijah Clemente Chatswood Chiropractor

Elijah’s interest in health and wellbeing was fostered from a childhood rich in family and cultural traditions that were passed down through the generations.

Mariko –
Massage Therapist

Mariko works with you from a whole-body perspective. She is sensitive to the body’s energy flow and uses her interest in anatomy and physiology in her Treatments.

Sumin –
Acupuncture & TCM

Sumin Ko, Chatswood Acupuncturist

Sumin is a qualified acupuncturist and has a lifelong interest in health, wanting to develop her skills and establish a career working with clients to achieve and maintain optimal health.

Kevin –
Massage Therapist

Kevin Hernandez, Chatswood Massage Therapist

Kevin has a passion for working with sports enthusiasts but has also treated those of us who spend too much time sitting in the office and working on computers.

Yuki –
Massage Therapist

Yuki Akahori, Chatswood Massage Therapist

When we asked what Yuki likes about being a massage therapist she said she loves to see a person’s face afterwards, to see them smiling.

Scott –
Massage Therapist

Scott Edeling, Chatswood Massage Therapist

Scott joins the Feel Amazing team as a massage therapist with a PT background. He has always been keen to go on a journey with a client.

Penelope –

Penelope’s interest is people who may be experiencing a rough patch in their life and to help them find their inner strength to get back on track. Penelope is at our Orange location

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