The Feel Amazing Pregnancy Massage Chatswood Information Page

Pregnancy massage (also called prenatal massage) is one of our specialties at Feel Amazing Wellness Centre in Chatswood and is available throughout pregnancy. This type of massage is focused on supporting the unique needs of a woman’s body as she goes through her pregnancy. As a part of prenatal care, pregnancy massage can promote health and wellness for both the woman who is pregnant and the baby to be.

Feel Amazing Wellness Centre in Chatswood has the reputation as one of the most well-known centres in Sydney for this specialty massage. Our team of qualified and experienced practitioners are here to help you during this special time. We have specialty pregnancy cushions that provide comfort and support during the massage.

What is pregnancy massage?

The aim of a pregnancy massage, as with a remedial massage, is to help you relax, reduce stress and release any areas of tension in the body.

A pregnant woman’s body is working hard to adapt to the changes that come with the pregnancy on a physical and emotional level. There is increased baby weight, changes in posture and pressure on the body’s musculoskeletal and nervous systems. The way you walk, stand and move changes. You may experience symptoms in areas of the body you don’t normally have. The benefits of pregnancy massage include improved function of joints and muscles, improved circulation and decreased physical and mental fatigue.

What are the benefits of pregnancy massage?

Everyone responds differently to stress but ongoing stress isn’t good for anyone. It impacts our health and general wellbeing. When it comes to fertility and pregnancy care, stress can impact the body’s releasing of hormones, contributing to illness and impacting mental health. Having a newborn is also a time when the baby takes a lot of your energy, so you don’t have a lot left for you, or anyone else.

Finding ways to manage stress, to give you some time to yourself and to help renew some of that energy is important. That’s why post natal massage can help as much as pregnancy massage. As well as addressing the physical body that has been going through a lot of changes, having a massage is another way we can take care of ourselves.

What makes our Chatswood pregnancy massage different from other massage?

We have pregnancy cushioning (see video) that allows a woman to lie face down during the pregnancy massage. (Not just a hole in the massage table that some centres have) This provides not only relief from the additional strain on the pelvic areas and lower back but allows treatment that is safe for Mum and baby and can be targeted over the whole body. It also enhances relaxation and comfort.

Is pregnancy massage safe?

Research shows that pregnancy massage is safe from conception to birth. Some of the common myths and misconceptions about pregnancy massage have been covered in a recent article in our blog. Of course with any treatment, if you have underlying health concerns then you should check with your doctor.

Why does Feel Amazing Wellness Centre specialise in pregnancy care?

Being a part of your pregnancy experience is a privilege and at Feel Amazing we value being able to offer treatments that can help a woman feel nurtured and supported during this time. Our practitioners choose to specialise in pregnancy massage and will work with you to find relief for your individual needs. When you feel better physically and mentally, life really can feel amazing (although not so much during morning sickness – but we have treatments for that too!).

Pre and postnatal care

We offer a holistic and team approach to fertility and pregnancy at Feel Amazing Wellness Centre with our naturopathy, chiropractic, acupuncture and massage services. This may include addressing dietary and lifestyle factors to support health, having treatments that ensure the optimal functioning of the body, identifying and treating underlying causes that are contributing to areas of concern being encountered, and giving you the time needed to ensure you are listened to and your health and wellbeing needs are met. If you are unsure what you might need, booking a massage is often a good starting point. We can talk to you about what else can help from there.

Preparing for birth

A safe and natural way to help with the body’s birthing process is having acupressure and acupuncture needling. This can also be targeted to induce labour when the time comes. We often work with midwives who are familiar with the benefits of this treatment.

Post-birth care

Caring for a baby also involves postural adaptations for feeding, holding the baby and your sleep is obviously interrupted. Our practitioners are here to help you manage these changes and support you towards improved comfort and functioning.

Looking for a gift?

A popular gift is one of our pregnancy massage gift vouchers