Yuki Akahori, Chatswood Massage Therapist

Yuki Akahori
Yuki Akahori Chatswood Massage Therapist

When asked what Yuki likes about being a massage therapist she said she loves to see a person’s face afterwards, to see them smiling. Having worked in both wellbeing clinics and beauty salons, Yuki has a variety of skills but her intuitive nature allows her to work with an individual to not only release physical pain but also emotions.

Her massage techniques support relaxation, boost physical energy and promote healing. She has knowledge of aromatherapy, cupping and reflexology that can be incorporated into her massages. Yuki has experience in the treatment of muscle aches and pain, to provide relaxation and stress relief, during pregnancy and post natal care. A massage with Yuki can support your whole body and wellbeing.

Yuki works at Feel Amazing Wellness Centre on a Friday. She is fluent in English, Japanese and conversational in Korean.