The Feel Amazing Chatswood Naturopath Information Page

Our principal Naturopath – Anthony Middlemiss – has nearly 25 years of experience making him one of the most experienced Chatswood Naturopaths, not only in Chatswood but in Sydney. Naturopathy uses a combination of herbal medicine, nutritional supplements and lifestyle change to help you get back to feeling amazing again. Some of the most common conditions we see are hormonal imbalances and issues, gut problems, stress, tension and anxiety and autoimmune conditions.

Who is our Chatswood Naturopath at Feel Amazing?

Feel Amazing Wellness Centre in Chatswood is owned and run by Anthony who is a qualified Naturopath. Anthony (also known as Tony) opened Feel Amazing as his own business in 2005 after building up his local client base and recognising the need for a centre that offered holistic care. Anthony is also a qualified and experienced massage therapist who does dry needling and developed his own style of needling that combines both Chinese acupuncture techniques with Western skills. He has mentored staff at Feel Amazing and encourages a client centred approach to service provision.

What qualifications does a naturopath have?

As a qualified naturopath Anthony has studied and trained in medical sciences such as anatomy and physiology, biochemistry, symptomatology, diagnosis and pathology, pharmacology and the modalities of herbal medicine, homoeopathy, nutrition, and massage.

What is Naturopathy?

Naturopathy is a holistic approach to wellness that works with our body’s innate ability to heal itself. It has been practised for as long as we have had herbal medicines and uses gentle therapeutic treatments that support the body, mind and emotions. Treatment is focused on the individual as well as the whole person, not just the affected area or symptoms.

What can Naturopathy treat?

Herbal medicines can treat a variety of conditions and are suitable for all ages. Common health concerns that our clients have sought treatment for include muscle pain and cramping, hormonal changes, digestive issues, wanting to lose weight, or experiencing sleep issues. All herbs prescribed can be taken in conjunction with medically prescribed products if needed.

The herbs are often in powder, liquid or capsule form and are different to over the counter vitamins as they are practitioner prescribed products. This means there is research done to help you make informed choices about what products you take, and the quality of these products assured having gone through testing.

Our Chatswood naturopath will talk with you about your individual health concerns and take the time needed to determine the best plan of treatment for you. We are here to support you towards obtaining optimal health and wellbeing.

Why see a Chatswood naturopath at Feel Amazing?

It is important to see a practitioner who will spend the time with you needed to understand your health, to go into any lifestyle factors that may be contributing to your symptoms and have a consultation to establish a professional relationship that respects your individual needs. Here at Feel Amazing we value client centred practices and care about helping support you to make positive changes.

Anthony is also experienced, having been a naturopath for 25 years. He is on top of current research and will look into further studies and current treatment protocols as needed. He even tries some of the new products before prescribing them to his clients. So you can be well assured that as a naturopath he is the best position to provide holistic and professional care.

The products prescribed are TGA approved as practitioner prescription only. Which are very different from supermarket or vitamin store-bought products. Also, only products you individually need will be prescribed. There is no point in taking a supplement for the sake of it. We are aware that any health and lifestyle changes also need to be sustainable.

Being human, we can struggle with making new habits, we might find going to the gym isn’t our thing, that living with health problems can be challenging, maybe mainstream medicine doesn’t have all the answers we need, or the way we are feeling is getting in the way of looking after ourselves as we maybe should. What can help is having someone who is trained to look at what is possibly contributing to you feeling unwell, then address those concerns with practical suggestions and natural remedies. All the while you are talking to someone who can relate. So there’s more than taking a vitamin when it comes to seeing naturopath Anthony.