Anthony Middlemiss

Anthony Chatswood Massage Therapist, Naturopath and Needling Specialist and and his youngest boys
Anthony Middlemiss Chatswood Naturopath, Massage Therapist and Needling Specialist

Anthony developed an interest in natural therapies while growing up in a family that was connected to the land and from seeing how nature could provide and heal. His grandparents were a big influence, using poultices and following a vegetarian diet in the 1980s before it even became a trend! His expertise today comes from a combination of training, over 20 years of experience, hard work and ongoing commitment to learning as a naturopath and massage therapist.

His unique style of work is an expression of his intuitive and nurturing nature, having an innate ability to connect with and treat others from a professional and client-focused perspective. Anthony is well known for being able to identify injury and health concerns, provide effective care through hands-on treatment, educate clients on lifestyle changes and prescribe natural products to support and maintain improved health.

Anthony strives to not just relieve pain and discomfort, so his clients can feel amazing, but wants to see individuals become amazing in themselves.
Anthony works at Feel Amazing Wellness Centre Mondays to Saturdays.