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Naturopathic Needling

Naturopathic trigger point needling is a technique developed by our own naturopath at Feel Amazing. It is a holistic treatment that supports the body’s functioning, focusing on treating symptoms and underlying health conditions, as well as the prevention of illness. This style of treatment blends aspects of Eastern and Western approaches to medicine. It involves the insertion of extremely thin sterile needles through the skin at specific points on the body. Through these points, the meridians and energy flows may be accessed. Illness is said to be the consequences of an imbalance of these forces. In appropriate combinations, the energy flow is said to be brought back into proper balance. Linking body, mind and emotions.

Our clients have found the benefits of this treatment to include relieving pain, inflammation, balancing the body's release of natural hormones, aiding faster healing of injury, also easing stress and improving a sense of wellbeing. We have also had success in treating headaches, migraines and TMJ symptoms. The needling is often used in combination with massage, helping to release muscles that are very tight, in spasm or areas sensitive to touch, before massage treatment afterwards.

At Feel Amazing a plan of treatments will be based on your individual health and wellbeing needs. While benefit can happen after the first treatment, it usually involves further appointments until lasting change is reached.

An exciting initiative that is unique to Feel Amazing is our Acupressure for Childbirth course. This is a hands-on course for partners or support persons of a pregnant woman to learn acupressure techniques (no needles) to use during labour to support her progression through labour and aid pain relief.

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