Winter Health – part 2

At Feel Amazing Wellness Centre, we’ve been talking about winter health this month, our last blog post covering ways to boost your immunity and how to prevent and treat colds and illness. We’ve also posted Instagram and Facebook images with helpful hints and tips. Today’s post looks at some of the everyday (but not always …

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Winter Health

Winter is arriving with a bit of a bang this year with cool temps, rainy days and an increase in coughs and colds. But there are ways to improve your wellness for the winter season, by boosting your immune system, keeping up with good eating habits, regular exercise, and treating aches and pains. Winter need …

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The top 10 benefits of pregnancy massage

Pregnant lady holding her belly

Following on from last week’s email busting some of the common myths about pregnancy massage, I thought I’d dive deeper into the recognised benefits of pregnancy massage. These include treatment of various aches and pains, lowering stress and anxiety for both mum and bub. Improving sleep and birth weight and a few others. These benefits can …

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Motivation & habits part 2, and Introducing our locum Aiden!

Notepad with you are capable of amazing things written on it

“Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.” (Jim Rohn) As motivation wanes, as it inevitably does, it’s helpful to remember that motivation was a great catalyst to get that new habit started, but it’s now brain physiology that keeps it going, in the form of neural pathways. All habits, good …

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Motivation and habits part 1

Coffee cup with begin written on it

Starting something new takes just one step (even if it sometimes means having a coffee to get you going!) Motivation is what can lead us to achieving something we want. So firstly, let’s get excited about it! Having passion for this goal will help us start and do what’s needed.  Finding the motivation to stick …

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