How to give up coffee!

coffee cup full of coffee on heart shaped coffee beans

The biggest thing on my mind this month was my decision to give up on coffee! Coffee has been a personal and close friend for nearly 30 years and although I’ve had periods of less caffeine consumption, or drinking larger amounts, I’ve never given it up! I’m going to outline a successful strategy to help …

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Welcome to the next edition of our Newsletter

picture of stomach with out of order written on it

Joint and Gut Health In this first section, I’d like to introduce you to an interesting compound I’ve been talking a lot about over the last couple of months. It is called collagen hydrolysate (also called hydrolysed collagen). This product is basically dehydrated gelatine and gained a popularity with the paleo crowd in the form …

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Welcome to newsletter two on things I’ve been talking to clients about


Acupuncture and pain relief study I’m loving! The following article link explains beautifully a recent study by RMIT University in Melbourne. It was conducted in 4 emergency wards on acute lower back pain, ankle injuries and migraines. The study has finally proven that acupuncture is an effective pain reliever. Many of you will have had …

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Pregnancy and Stress hormones – A quick summary

Gift Voucher Love Heart Pregnancy

Pregnancy can be stressful! Most pregnancy’s start with an OMG I’m pregnant!! Woohooo!!!! Followed closely by OMG I’m pregnant!! Farrrrrkkkkk!!!! And this cycle generally continues for the next 9 months. It sometimes continues till they leave home, but that’s a different story for a different post! Unfortunately, there is no magic cure I know of …

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The scientific benefits of massage!

foot massage

I’m often asked about the benefits of massage on health. To answer that question I usually quote one of my favourite studies. It was published by Cedars-Sinai Medical Center and the David Geffen School of Medicine at the University of California. Why I love this study so much is they used blood samples from before …

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