More about Men’s Health

Chatswood massage therapist giving man a shoulder massage

What are some common men’s health concerns we see and how do we treat these?  From sports-related injuries or strains from working out with weights, to wry necks from computer use or having just woken up not being able to turn your head, to pain from muscle tension, tight calves that cause heel pain, chronic …

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Milestones and more

Chatswood naturopath anthony middlemiss showing off his weight loss

15% OFF 2 FEEL AMAZING (enter the code in the booking comments section for 15% off any one service during October 2020) It’s been a strange ole year 2020 and I’m starting to feel really old! I first arrived in Chatswood 21 years ago from Radelaide (or Adelaide for those uninitiated with this ironic pet …

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A Celebration of Milestones

Feel amazing wellness centre Chatswood signage

Feel Amazing Wellness Centre has a milestone to announce – we are celebrating being open for the last 15 years! While Anthony has been a Naturopath for 25 years, working in Chatswood for the last 21 years. As a small business, it is our clients that remain at the heart of what we do, so …

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Spring Allergy Season

boy blowing daffodil

Spring is here and with it comes increased sunshine, warmer temperatures, recreation and sporting activities outdoors, while the grass grows and flowers bloom under blue skies, which increases pollen count, grass seeds and the winds bring allergens and dust our way! As a fellow hay fever sufferer, I too am caught by the paradox of …

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What treatments can help Winter Aches and Pains

dog wrapped in blanket

Wintertime can bring out the aches and pains of chronic joint conditions and from muscles being sore just because it’s cold! So, what can help? Heat – yes, the obvious answer when you are cold, but using a heat pack can increase circulation and help reduce muscle pain and stiffness. The use of ice or …

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Are you curious about Acupuncture and TCM?

chatswood acupuncture books on display

For the remainder of this month to help celebrate our new Chatswood Acupuncturist, Feel Amazing Wellness Centre in Chatswood is having a special deal on Acupuncture and TCM treatments with our newest team member Sumin Ko – with 25% off Initial Consultations and 10% off Maintenance Acupuncture and TCM Consultations in June 2019. If you …

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Health fund rebates are back!

amazing health humour

A New Year, some new resolutions! It’s a New Year, health funds are back and three weeks in, resolutions are starting to fall away, oh and it’s been hot…damn hot! There’s not much we can do to help with the weather but we can help with some of those health-related resolutions. Whether you want to lose …

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