Motivation and habits part 1

Coffee cup with begin written on it

Starting something new takes just one step (even if it sometimes means having a coffee to get you going!) Motivation is what can lead us to achieving something we want. So firstly, let’s get excited about it! Having passion for this goal will help us start and do what’s needed.  Finding the motivation to stick …

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NOT my surgical team – but got to love their intense concentration!!!

children operating

Details about my surgery and what to look out for if you have nerve pain! Next Tuesday I’m having surgery to remove a synovial cyst from the lumbar spine. This has literally been a pain in the bum! As well as causing numbness in my foot and knife-like pain in my groin – fun times! So why …

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Introducing Asha Wallace

asha wallace

Asha is our visiting Rehabilitation Intern from the United States, currently doing a 2-month placement with us at Feel Amazing. She is studying at the University of Missouri to gain qualifications in athletic training. Asha has worked with soccer and football teams and track and field athletes focusing on injury prevention and rehabilitation for acute …

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