Motivation and habits part 1

Starting something new takes just one step (even if it sometimes means having a coffee to get you going!)

Motivation is what can lead us to achieving something we want. So firstly, let’s get excited about it! Having passion for this goal will help us start and do what’s needed. 

Finding the motivation to stick to new habits can at times seem overwhelming (I’ve been there myself, and yes, coffee is a motivating influence!) It may also call for patience and persistence. But when we break down the steps involved, our goals may not be so far out of reach.  

It’s important to not lose sight of why we want that goal in the first place. Keeping this in mind can help us not lose motivation. The following are some other hints that may help:

  • One step at a time – how often do we hear this simple yet important statement. Start with an achievable goal and take small steps towards reaching it. When you are successful in this, then it’s much easier to take bigger steps
  • One goal at a time – while being enthusiastic about making big changes is great, if we have too much going on, we often end up throwing in the towel and nothing gets achieved
  • Keep remembering why you are doing it – knowing the reasons why and really wanting it will feed motivation 
  • Make yourself accountable – share your goal and plans to achieve it with others, those who will be encouraging you
  • Keep a record of your goal – write it up, take a picture, keep a photo diary. Physical reminders help prompt rewarding behaviour

Our next email and blog post will look at ways to help keep those habits going! Also, check out our Instagram on this month’s topic.

So, what has been your motivation to take the time to Feel Amazing? For each of us, it can mean something different. 

  • Was relaxation your goal? 
  • Did you need an injury treated? 
  • Have you been getting back into regular exercise? 
  • Have you booked ahead to maintain healthy habits? 
  • Maybe you went for a coffee after your treatment and had some extra precious ‘you’ time. 

It really is possible to Feel Amazing from looking after your health and wellness needs.


Our chiropractor Elijah Clemente is now working at Feel Amazing on a Wednesday on a fortnightly basis. So this adds to his Tuesdays, Fridays, and alternate Sundays! We love the fact so many of you are reaping the benefits of chiropractic care from Elijah. 

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