In the last 12 months cancer has been an unwanted theme in my life, my grandfather had a brush with bowel cancer, a friend of mine beat breast cancer and tragically I lost my brother-in-law to leukaemia. It was a stark reminder that cancer doesn’t discriminate.

All of these people in my life were fit, healthy and lived exceptional lifestyles. In fact, my grandfather has been a vegetarian since the 80’s. There is so much we don’t understand beyond lifestyle factors to cancer.

I admire Nat, my friend who beat breast cancer is one of the most bubbly outgoing people I have ever met, which is truly amazing as she’s a mother of 5 boys!

Yesterday her story was featured on and I thoroughly encourage you to give it a read. It’s a great reminder for every woman to regularly do breast exams as well as a great introduction to a wonderful human being!

Cancer is a tough disease to treat for any professional, I’ve certainly seen my share as a naturopath and if friends, family or clients need supplements or herbs to help support their battle with this disease I’m there, boots and all. But it’s much easier to treat with early intervention, so please check yourself regularly or go and get checked.

Also, today is Pink Hope Bright Lipstick Day – Pink Hope have launched their very own lipstick range to ensure all proceeds go towards their lifesaving programs and support services. You can find out more and support the cause on the link below.

Cheers, Anthony