Elijah Injury Video Diary part 1

Elijah’s rehab from injury

Most of us at some point in our lives face some type of health challenge, some bigger than others. At Feel Amazing Wellness Centre Chatswood we see people at various points in their journey. While we provide treatment for a variety of common health concerns, injuries as a result of accidents, chronic conditions, as well as everyday aches and pains. The process towards improved health involves physical and emotional recovery. So a holistic approach to care is something we strongly believe in. Just as it takes a community to raise a child, it takes a team to support someone going through these challenges.

Elijah, our very own adventurous Chatswood Chiropractor, had a fall while cannonying and broke his elbow. This resulted in a rescue up a cliff face and being carried out of a national park on a stretcher by numerous rescue organisations (it made the local newspaper!). He then underwent significant surgery. But he is doing well and on the pathway to recovery from his accident. He’s a real trooper and his positive mindset and zest for life hasn’t been tarnished. 

What is also helping Elijah through this time is the support of his many thoughtful clients, friends, his family, and colleagues. Your messages and well wishes have been passed on and Elijah is very grateful.

I’m proud of our team here at Feel Amazing Chatswood and how we’ve come together to support one of our own. Elijah has started on a treatment plan with our practitioners. This includes acupuncture for healing, pain relief, and inflammation. He is using naturopathic prescribed natural products for bruising, swelling, to break down scar tissue, and to help his muscles recover. Massage will help with treating the areas of his body that are compensating for the change in how he moves and the current restriction in range of motion and strength. Away from the clinic, he is accessing physiotherapy and completing exercises to aid in his rehabilitation. 

As a way of keeping up with his progress and helping others see what can be achieved through our treatments, as he takes the steps needed towards getting back to work in the coming months, Elijah has started a video diary, which you can see below. 

In the meantime, Chatswood Chiropractic bookings are available with Aiden, our locum who works Sundays, Tuesdays, and Fridays.

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