Father’s Day Massage Guide

A single massage has the power to help us feel better, or even amazing 😉
At times, the average bloke needs to be reminded of what massage can offer to their wellbeing.  As a dad myself, and even as a massage therapist, I still need a gentle reminder, or maybe a not-so-gentle one! 

Below is the link to a blog post on the benefits of massage in relation to men’s health.

Massage is more than just a feel-good treatment (as if we needed any more reasons!) Seeing a Feel Amazing massage therapist who is experienced in working on the body can improve your health more than most of us realise. Having a massage offers time out from work, family commitments, and our everyday busy lives. The benefits of therapeutic touch are reported to include reduced anxiety, increased relaxation, reduced pain, reduced depression and increased feelings of wellbeing. 

Our bodies are designed to function as a whole, telling us what needs attention, but not all of us are good at listening. Let alone then doing something about it. When it comes to men’s health, sometimes there’s a lack of awareness about just how important it is to try and keep healthy habits and use the tools that will improve our health. By not managing stress, not treating injury, not getting enough regular exercise, poor sleep habits and eating processed foods, it can result in serious health problems. We hear this often enough, but many men put it out of mind, thinking it won’t happen to them, or they’ll think about doing something about it one day. Unfortunately, when that time comes, it’s often when something serious has happened, or it takes more time and commitment to then try and treat a problem.

Even when our muscles are tight, we might think it causes a bit of discomfort or eventually pain. But there’s a lot more going on. Relieving muscle tension increases range of movement and improves recovery from injury. Interrupting the pain cycle can reduce the risk of developing chronic pain. Muscle tension can also come from the buildup of stress which can lead to pain. Stress can play a part in heart disease, diabetes, headaches, skin problems, asthma, anxiety and depression. 

Research has shown that massage can reduce stress, improve sleep, improve circulation, reduce muscle tension, lower heart rate and blood pressure, and improve immune function.

So why wouldn’t you want a massage?

At Feel Amazing Wellness Centre, what we’ve talked about here is just the beginning of the benefits of seeing one of our experienced therapists and practitioners. We can help with exercises for stretching, treating injury, being on your rehabilitation team, correcting poor posture, treating and helping to manage chronic health conditions, and providing a supportive, friendly environment to begin your path back to better health.

So, the easiest way to make this happen is by booking an appointment online or purchasing a Father’s Day Gift Voucher today. We look forward to seeing our amazing Dad’s feeling more energised, relaxed and pain free.

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