Is change as good as a holiday…

Did you set New Year Resolutions this year? How are they going now? While making resolutions can be motivating for some people, many of us can give up not long after we started, especially when everything hasn’t magically changed. (Like those 10 kilos that haven’t shifted even though I only started eating healthy food choices last week??) Intellectually we know that looking after our bodies will improve our health and as a result we will also feel better. We ‘just’ need to make a start and keep on going. One way to do that is through mindful intention. Instead of being critical of ourselves, or too rigid with our thinking, let’s focus those thoughts and treat yourself as you would a loved one. Give yourself some encouragement and reward those small achievements (just not with the unhealthy type of chocolate haha). Then by also setting up routines that are realistic, lasting change is possible. There is a higher success rate when taking it slowly, making small changes at a time. So, is there one thing you can do that you know will help towards improving your health? Why not start there.

Life is about change, we’ve all seen that over the last few years. At Feel Amazing, we’ve also had some changes over the last few months. Several team members have been busy studying and adding to their qualifications. Elijah is now qualified to provide dry needling treatments and will incorporate these into his chiropractic care as appropriate. While one of our massage therapists is also completing courses, it looks like we’ll be even more of a multidisciplinary clinic in no time! Keep an eye out for our upcoming blog post about dry needling and its amazing uses and benefits.

In other clinic news, two of our massage therapists Scott and Kevin have now moved on to exciting and different career opportunities. We know you’ll join us in wishing them well. I’d like to thank them both for being valued team members of our Chatswood clinic. Kevin has been with Feel Amazing for well over 10 years! Just to reassure their clients, we work in a team environment so practitioners are able to review client notes and we will do our best to ensure continuity of care. 

With 2023 already going by, if you’d like some support to create positive intentions and make realistic changes, with all of the team back from holidays, now is the perfect time to book online. We will work with you to meet your health and wellness needs and have you Feeling Amazing soon! 

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