More about Men’s Health

What are some common men’s health concerns we see and how do we treat these? 

From sports-related injuries or strains from working out with weights, to wry necks from computer use or having just woken up not being able to turn your head, to pain from muscle tension, tight calves that cause heel pain, chronic pain that is getting harder to manage, there’s fluid retained after joint replacements, or recovering after other surgery; we see it all. 

Some people seek advice on supplements for a variety of health conditions – this might include arthritis, high cholesterol, diabetes or wanting to improve heart health. We also see clients who are seeking natural or complementary approaches to managing stress, anxiety and depression. Then some people are on their weight loss path towards healthy eating habits.

We may receive referrals from doctors, podiatrists, physiotherapists, gyms and by word of mouth. Men call up to ask about treatments, or book online (or their partner books them in for an appointment!). We don’t mind how it happens, as long as men are taking steps to look after their health.

At Feel Amazing, we work as a team, with a holistic approach, which means working with you as a whole person, not just thinking about a couple of symptoms. There may be underlying health concerns that need attention or lifestyle factors contributing. We can work with you to support you to address these too. We can also suggest some exercises or stretches if needed. But the main thing is that we provide what you are wanting, like just offering you some one on one time to address what you need to on the day. It might be relieving a tight shoulder, sore lower back or headache. There’s no pressure to do any more than that. From one male to another, I get it. Sometimes you don’t want to go into details or ‘make a fuss’, but hopefully, we can get you back on track and help things feel better.

The treatments we provide can help in a number of ways, maybe some you’ve never thought of before.

Acupuncture/needling can help release the body’s natural pain-relieving chemicals, to interrupt pain pathways, and calm down pain signals in the body’s nervous system. Acupuncture and needling can also help reduce inflammation, aid healing, release tight muscles and relax soft tissue. 

Massage can help reduce pain, stress, aid recovery and improve sports performance. It can help your body cope better with heavy tasks, reducing cramps, strains and sprains, improving your flexibility. A massage can help aid your recovery after playing sports or doing a heavy workout and makes it easier to front up to work the next day.

Massage helps muscle recruitment due to increasing elasticity and reducing tension. It can aid relaxation both before and after sports, which supports performance tension and stress. Helping with muscle recovery and shorter post-exercise recovery times. Massage can aid freer joint movement patterns, improve circulation, muscle function and as the body works more efficiently, it can reduce the likelihood of strain or injury.

Muscle tension can cause pain, inhibiting the way the body functions. If we are carrying around stress, many of us can feel it in our tight shoulders, necks, and even lower backs. This can lead to headaches, grinding teeth and jaw pain, sleep problems, and more. There is an emotional toll too, so a massage can be a great way to treat problems in the body as well as relax or soothe the mind. 

Chiropractic care can help support you with any lifestyle changes, or activities you do regularly like playing sport (we are currently seeing golfers and tennis players trying to get back into regular games). So having treatment for knee or lower back pain, shoulder problems, and of course, any new injuries can really make a difference. Taping can also be used as a supportive tool to ensure the tissue gets enough time to recover and the area feels supported. 

Naturopathy can provide advice on nutrition, lifestyle, and prescribe supplements to address underlying health problems and symptoms. This might be for a range of health conditions or imbalances in the body. We don’t prescribe what you don’t need and only products backed by research and testing are recommended. There are natural remedies available for pain, sleep, gut health, stress, muscles cramping, coughs and colds, fatigue, cardiovascular health and a whole lot more. 

There can often be simple solutions and the best way to fix a problem is to ask about it.

One of the most common questions we are asked about relates to muscle cramps, which are often experienced at night. Did you know they are often caused by a lack of magnesium? We sell a popular supplement that can effectively help this issue. What people don’t always realize is that magnesium is absorbed into the body in different ways and some products work better than others. In this situation, a powdered supplement may be better than taking a capsule or tablet. While having a bath in epsom salts gives you a dose of magnesium through your skin. So if you need some individualised professional advice, make a booking with us soon.

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