Our Amazing Chiro Elijah’s pre-surgery update

Hello Everyone,

As some of you might know, I have taken another step forward into my recovery from my elbow injury/saga. A quick recap – I shattered my left elbow in March 2021 after slipping on some slippery rocks during a canyoning adventure. This required surgical intervention where they placed 3 plates and 18 screws to keep it stable. 18 months later (time really does fly) and I find myself still shy of achieving full Range of Motion in Flexion and Extension.

I’m happy to say I received word that they can take one of the plates out to improve my range of motion. I am told it is a fairly simple procedure – I will be put under via general anaesthesia and it will take roughly 30 minutes to remove the plate at the tip of my elbow. It won’t affect my bones as the fracture site has already healed. The surgeon advised against the removal of the other 2 plates in my arm due to the proximity to the nerves and blood vessels. Post surgery, I just have to be diligent to keep the incision site clear of infection until it closes up and heals over.

My plan for treatment and recovery has involved preparing myself for surgery, which includes keeping up with healthy eating and I’ve been exercising to ensure I’m in the best position to undergo this procedure. I’m committed to doing my rehab exercises (yes, even practitioners have to follow through on our homework), as I want to get full function back in my elbow, while maintaining strength, resulting in the increased range of motion.

I will also use the 2.5 weeks of down time to stay out of trouble, and keep you posted on my recovery.

I wish you all well, keep safe and I’ll be in touch!

Elijah 🙂

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