Our top 5 remedies for body aches and pains

Body aches and pains aren’t always a sign of getting old!

Keeping active and watching what we eat can help to prevent some of the signs of ageing, but some aches and pains are more stubborn to manage. In mainstream media we’ve seen advertisements for a variety of products that offer relief from pain, often with the premise that you can then get on with life. However, taking a tablet or applying a lotion may help in the short term, but it doesn’t always give us ongoing relief or address what is contributing to the pain. Some of these products (whether over the counter or prescription) can only be used for the short term so this is just another reason to look into more natural options. This may include herbal remedies, hands-on treatments such as remedial massage, making lifestyle adjustments and dietary changes.

The actual cause of muscle, body and joint pains aren’t always obvious. If you have sustained a sudden injury, or even slept in an awkward position, then the source of your immediate pain is usually identifiable. But without an injury or accident occurring, or when the pain of an injury becomes chronic, then the source may be unknown. Seeing a qualified and appropriately experienced health professional to identify contributing factors is important.

Just to note, if you are experiencing symptoms that could be virus related, get this checked out first. This is also wise if you are experiencing an increase in or recurring pain and inflammation. Our Feel Amazing practitioners can then work with your medical team to help you find the best treatment approach for your unique health circumstances.

We believe in treating the root cause of problems, not just applying a band-aid. But be assured that a band-aid is still a good tool within the wellness toolkit! Sometimes we all just need some immediate relief.

In the meantime, keep reading on our blog post below for information on inflammation and the top 5 remedies for body aches and pains.

1. Magnesium

A well-known way to absorb magnesium is to have a hot bath with Epsom salts added. These are high in magnesium and sulphates and are easily absorbed through the skin to provide quick relief as they lower inflammation, reduce muscle spasms and relax tense areas (plus the hot bath has benefits as well).

At Feel Amazing Wellness Centre we also recommend and sell a popular magnesium supplement that is highly effective in treating muscle spasms, cramps, tension and also aids sleep, reduces anxiety and migraine recurrence. This is in powder form to drink which is more readily absorbed than taking a magnesium tablet.

2. Exercise and stretching

Moving our bodies is good for us. Being inactive can actually worsen joint pain in the body. Tension in muscles can put pressure on these areas. Weaker muscles contribute to instability, increasing the risk of falls, injury, and the body compensates affecting other areas. Regular exercise can help strengthen and stretch affected muscles, often reducing pain. If in doubt, consult our chiropractor for tailored exercises.

3. Supplements

Many natural supplements are pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory in action. When looking for natural herbal remedies, Feel Amazing’s practitioners can advise you on the best options for your symptoms. We can then link you up with vitaly.ly where products can be ordered online and delivered directly to your door. There are new practitioner-only products available that have been developed based on the latest research into treating inflammatory conditions.

4. Electromagnetic stimulation

One of the most exciting new technologies that can help is Electromagnetic stimulation, which uses the same technology as MRI to speed up healing and reduce pain. The studies on back pain and diabetic neuropathy show some fantastic outcomes. Clinical data also show great effects for a multitude of muscle and joint issues ranging from plantar fasciitis to arthritic knee pain. You can book online here.

5. Massage, chiropractic and acupuncture

Massage, chiropractic and acupuncture are all effective ways to relieve general body aches and pains, so make a booking today! Feel Amazing practitioners can help release muscle tension, improve range of movement, address poor posture, promote relaxation and aid natural healing. Having a treatment can interrupt the pain cycle – pain relief is a much sought after outcome, as after all, when your body is functioning better, you can feel better. 

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