Posture part 2

Following on from our last blog post on what poor posture looks like, the following are some simple measures to take to help improve posture. Sometimes we may not realise how the little things really do matter, every positive step forward is one towards a healthier future.

What can help our posture?

Improving our posture can be achieved with a few minor adjustments to our environment and being mindful of how we sit and use our bodies.  

Stretching your muscles - if you’ve been leaning one way, stretch in the other direction. Move your head looking from one side to the other and remember that if you are feeling discomfort then book in a treatment at Feel Amazing before it leads to further restriction, pain and possible injury.
Get up from your chair or the lounge and regularly walk around the room, try not to sit in too soft of a chair.
Avoid standing with the weight on one leg more than the other.
Try not to cross your legs at the knee, cross your ankles if you feel the need to.
Wear comfortable and supportive shoes (high heels put pressure on muscles, make you walk differently, changing your posture and balance).
Do regular exercise to improve your strength and flexibility, maintaining a healthy weight.
Use an ergonomic chair in the office or while studying and ensure your computer is set up appropriately. Many of us don’t always use our devices in the best way, so at least be mindful of doing some stretches regularly. 
Make sure your workspace is at a comfortable height, including when cooking or eating. 
Sleep with a pillow that supports your neck (and don’t lie on your stomach!).

How can Feel Amazing help?

When your muscles are tight it can be hard to move your body the way you need to. Massage is a great way to release tension and get your body on track to be functioning better. 

If you have signs of poor posture and need professional recommendations for managing the impact, then consult with our experienced Chiropractor Elijah. He sees many clients who report feeling as though one of their shoulders is higher than the other, or their pelvis feels uneven, or they have been experiencing discomfort from hunching over as a result of screen use. Elijah can show you how to improve your posture correctly. 

A reminder about booking with Feel Amazing

With the impact of lockdown being reflected in the number of clients seeking pain relief and treatment for stress and poor posture from working from home, we are seeing our available bookings fill up quickly. So if you are thinking of seeing us for any of our amazing treatments, then click on the book now button. Weekend times especially may need to be booked in advance. It’s been a stressful time for all, but be assured that the team is working hard to do all we can to meet your health and wellness needs.

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