Top 5 Summertime tips

Summertime is December’s blog topic with hints on staying well during our Australian summer. While the weather is letting us down, Feel Amazing Wellness Centre is here to help you meet the demands of increased activities and get you through the festive season.

We can’t change the traffic or parking around Chatswood though, so book ahead and give yourself some extra time to get in to see us. We do our best to accommodate your booking, but can’t guarantee extra time if you are running late. It is also our busiest time of year so as you can imagine we only have so many pairs of hands (Ed – did you sneak in massage therapist humour?!)

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Summertime usually means enjoying the sunshine and outdoor activities – who’d have thought we would be dealing with floods again?! Even so, here are a few hints for managing this Summer. 

1. Be sun smart

Choose the right type of clothing – loose fitting, cotton and either dark or light fibres depending on your focus. Light colours are cooler, while dark colours protect your skin by absorbing the heat.

Sunglasses and hats are a must under the harsh Australian sun and UV rays.

Staying out of the sun during the hottest part of the day can help – usually between 10 AM and 2 PM. There are also many apps and weather reports that now include UV ratings and humidity in their broadcasts.

Sunscreen is an effective way to protect your skin from sun damage if you are able to wear it.

2. Stay hydrated

Heat and humidity makes you sweat, which can actually cool you down, but it means you are losing more fluid. Staying hydrated means having small amounts of water throughout the day.

If you are adding juice to your fluid intake, remember to look for no added sugar varieties as fruit juice is already high in natural sugars. 

A cocktail may also be on the list, but just remember that alcohol is also dehydrating! Just to add to the spoiler, so is coffee!

Alternate foods and beverages that can help keep you hydrated include:

  • Watermelon, strawberries, tomatoes
  • Summer soups and broths
  • Coconut water
  • Another popular way to encourage the cooling down process of sweat is adding a little spice to your food. Meanwhile, enjoy the many fresh vegetables and produce that is in season at this time of year

3. Stretch, treat yourself kindly and rest to recover

This year we’ve been stuck indoors for a long time so finding the motivation to take ourselves outdoors to exercise can sometimes be a challenge. But whether it’s going for a short walk, sitting on your yoga mat doing stretches, meeting up with a friend for a bike ride or bush walk, or going for a paddleboard or swim – connecting with the great outdoors and spending time in nature is good for body and soul. 

Remember to follow your local health guidelines and stay safe. Just because the world may have opened up, it doesn’t mean we have to fill up our social calendar and forget self care. Our mental and emotional health is as important as ever. So set some healthy boundaries and remember it’s ok to say No! 

If you are being more physically active remember to pace yourself. Any increased strain on the body can bring on aches and pains, and possibly lead to injury. So take it easy and give your body time to adjust and recover after activities. Now is the time to do those stretches as we’ve been telling you to and keep up with your regular treatments to maintain optimal health.

4. Air quality and allergies

Smoke haze has become a well known aspect of Australia’s climate landscape with hazard burning also taking place to prevent further bushfires. Most people can tolerate brief exposure quite well, but for those with chronic health conditions, especially asthma or lung disease, people who are pregnant, have allergies, or are young children, then extra care is needed.

Some basic measures that may help if it’s smokey outside this summer can include:

  • Stay indoors when safe to do so
  • Keep windows and doors shut
  • Switch your air conditioner to recirculate the air from inside
  • When the smoke clears air out your house
  • Look out for those that are more vulnerable like children and older persons
  • Keep pets inside with clean water and food

When it is smokey, take care of your health, especially if you’re sensitive to air pollution. 

Some tips to help do this include:

  • Reduce physical activity (avoid strenuous activity)
  • Follow your treatment plan if you have a heart or lung condition
  • Follow your asthma plan and carry your medication
  • See or contact your doctor if you are concerned about your breathing and seek medical help if needed

From a naturopathic perspective, if you are prone to allergy reactions and need natural treatments there are some great products available. Book an online or face to face consultation today.

5. Take the time out to have a treatment at Feel Amazing Wellness Centre

It’s a busy time of year for all of us, so if you need some timeout for stress relief, treatment of those aches and pains from all the Christmas shopping and preparation, or you’ve got some health fund rebates leftover, make a booking today!

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