Winter Health – part 2

At Feel Amazing Wellness Centre, we’ve been talking about winter health this month, our last blog post covering ways to boost your immunity and how to prevent and treat colds and illness. We’ve also posted Instagram and Facebook images with helpful hints and tips. Today’s post looks at some of the everyday (but not always thought about) things that impact winter health. 

What else impacts winter health?

Adapting healthy lifestyle habits really do make a difference. This includes doing regular exercise, getting enough sleep each night, having exposure to sunlight, and managing stress.

  • Exercise is not only good for your health, but can help improve circulation and is associated with the releasing of feel good hormones such as endorphins. 

Positive hormones are also released through massage which can improve energy levels and mental focus, while triggering chemical changes in the brain, fostering a feeling of calm, a sense of lightness and relaxation.

  • Not getting enough regular sleep is associated with imparied immunity, weight gain, increased risk of chronic health issues and cognitive problems. 

Massage and acupuncture treatments are also a great way to help improve your sleep – with the reduction in tension and stress can come a better night’s sleep.

  • Ongoing stress impairs our immune system’s ability to fight off antigens, making us more susceptible to ill health. Also decreasing the body’s lymphocytes – the white blood cells that help fight off infections, making us more at risk of catching viruses and the common cold. Pain has also been shown to impact our immune response.

Massage and acupuncture are not only relaxing treatments but help our body to function better.

  • The stress hormone cortisol can also impact the effectiveness of the immune system. When stress is chronic this can increase inflammatory responses. 

Studies have shown that the spice known as turmeric has various benefits for your body and brain, including in treating inflammation. Health benefits mainly come from its active ingredient curcumin. 

Natural herbal medicines and supplements can be prescribed by our amazing practitioners (we recommend seeking professional advice as taking any old supplement is not wise – practitioners will consider your individual health situation and how the supplements need to be absorbed by the body).

  • Sunshine is important – in winter, while it’s still important to be “sun smart”, we need natural sunlight and safe exposure to regular sunshine for adequate vitamin D levels. It may be surprising to hear but many Australians have low levels of vitamin D which impacts a person’s immunity, pain and healing. Sunlight can improve our mood too. 

A new readily absorbed vitamin D supplement is available for purchase at Feel Amazing in Chatswood.

How do the treatments at Feel Amazing Wellness Centre contribute to your wellness?

Symptom relief is a goal, but so is addressing the underlying causes to what is contributing to any ill health you may be experiencing. Our amazing treatments offer health support, pain relief, reduction in muscle tension and stress, correcting imbalances in the body and treating many common ailments. 

Remember, if you aren’t up to seeing us in person, online naturopathic and TCM consultations are available. 

We also sell a range of natural remedies to help keep your body functioning at its best. 

Check out our online store or make an appointment today!

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