Body talk – what is your body telling you?

At Feel Amazing Wellness Centre we focus on you as an individual. Your body is remarkable, with a number of systems working together to function at an everyday level. So it’s important to not only pay attention to presenting symptoms but to look at how we can help our bodies function as it is designed to, in a more balanced and naturally healthy way. 

Looking after our wellness means paying attention to our bodies. Is yours trying to tell you something?

  • Have you an ache that isn’t going away? 
  • Are tight muscles weighing you down?
  • Can you feel tension or stress in your body? 
  • Is your jaw or teeth hurting? 
  • Are you getting headaches? 
  • Are your shoulders spending too much time close to your ears? 
  • Is your chin jutted out in front of your nose?

When we pay attention to how we physically feel and then do something to address these signs, we can get back on the right track to better health and wellbeing. So let’s pay attention to those whispers, before the only body you have to live in is yelling at us! 

What else can you do to look after yourself on a holistic level?

Holistic health typically considers the whole person—body, mind, and spirit. A holistic approach to healing goes beyond the physical and only eliminating symptoms. However, it doesn’t have to be “wellness industry” extremes. Instead, at Feel Amazing Wellness Centre we keep it real – we’re not going to tell you to spend a fortune on trendy supplements and fad diets. (We also don’t routinely play new age music, unless you like that sort of thing and want to listen to it during your massage! No judgement here) Instead, we can offer practical strategies, and products only when needed, that are backed by current research.  

We can talk to you about lifestyle changes and dietary advice. Encourage you to become more aware of how you are using your body. There is help available for managing muscle tension, exercises for improving your posture and range of motion, taping for injury management, and treatments that relieve stress. We also have experience in working with clients who want to achieve weight reduction, or when we prescribe practitioner only and quality herbs for managing hormonal or other common health concerns (such as menopause, trouble sleeping, low iron or vitamin D3 levels, high cholesterol, signs of magnesium deficiency and much more). 

When we work with our clients we aim to provide a comprehensive service, so we can link you up with an online practitioner only retailer ( for the supply of the products we prescribe, who will deliver them directly to your door. We always have the popular medlab magnesium powder in stock at the centre, so you can pick one up on your next visit if it is something you need – this supplement is great for improved sleep, reduced headaches and stress.

We also have equipment for sale including the Dr Graeme massager, the Prostretch plus, and a range of massage spiky balls. I have tried and tested all these products, so I can recommend their worthwhile purchase. We welcome any questions you may have to make sure any purchase will be right for you.

If you are interested in taking a holistic approach, Feel Amazing has a Naturopath (Anthony) and Chiropractor (Elijah) working as part of your amazing team – if you need some professional advice on managing your health concerns then book a consultation today.

Our next email will cover one of the common stress-related conditions we treat here at Feel Amazing.

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