Helping Treat Spring Allergies

Why is hay fever worse in Spring? 

Pollen counts increase at this time of year (Wattle being out in flower is always a sign that Spring is here! Ah-choo! (Ed – Bless the Dad jokes), the weather gets warmer, with an increase in windy days – all contributing to triggers for sneezing, runny nose and itchy eyes. 

What can we do about it?

If possible, doing outdoor activities in the morning or late evening is when pollen counts are lowest – the highest time being around lunchtime and early afternoon. 

Identifying triggers for allergies can include looking at the food we eat and the perfumes, soaps, lotions or chemicals we use. There are some great natural products available these days to use as an alternative. Again, just keep in mind that even if it is plant-based or natural, some people may be sensitive to what it is made from. 

There can be a link to food allergies or intolerances if your body reacts to other allergens. So some foods should be avoided to help reduce that reaction and to avoid additional inflammation in the body. A common group of foods that some people can’t tolerate are the Solanaceae or nightshades family (capsicum, eggplant etc.).

Boosting immunity is also a part of managing allergies and that can be done through what we eat and supplements that would be recommended for your situation. Other commonly known vitamins include zinc and vitamin C. Recent research has also highlighted the benefits of vitamin D and Spirulina

The dose for spirulina that has been shown to be effective ranges from 1-8 grams a day, I usually recommend starting with 4 gm a day (about a teaspoon of the powder) with a meal – usually breakfast. It can be sprinkled on food, or put into a drink or smoothie. If required, you can have a maximum dose of 4 gm 2 x/day – morning and night.

If you are susceptible to allergies, then be aware of touching common plants in the garden, such as grevillea. Some people’s skin can react with a rash. So wearing gloves and long sleeves when gardening can help. Others are allergic to grass, often reacting with nasal and breathing symptoms. Avoiding being the person cutting the grass is the best excuse!

Feel Amazing has treatments that can help with spring allergies. These include:

Naturopathy: a naturopathic consultation can identify allergies, intolerances, and imbalances within your body. A treatment plan may encompass dietary changes to address causes of symptoms, with lifestyle recommendations that help balance body and mind, while prescribing appropriate supplements for symptomatic relief. A part of helping your body deal with allergy triggers and causes of illness involves strengthening immunity, improving energy levels and ensuring adequate sleep so our bodies can be functioning at their optimal capacity.

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Acupuncture: needling can help the nervous system calm down, reducing reactions to allergens and histamine levels. It is an effective treatment option for signs and symptoms of inflammatory responses and to help a body under stress, including to reduce muscle tension and manage pain.

Book a Dry Needling consultation with Anthony or Acupuncture consultation with Sumin

Massage: looking after yourself and your wellbeing during spring can help you deal with the additional stress your body may be under, so you can always take some time out to recharge and have a relaxing massage. We use nut-free massage oil.

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Now is the time to address allergies before Spring fully takes hold – we seem to be missing out on the steady change into the next season these days so Summer will be here before we know it! In the meantime, hopefully, we can enjoy the brighter blue skies and where safe too, the greater outdoors.

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