Spring Allergy Season

Spring is here and with it comes increased sunshine, warmer temperatures, recreation and sporting activities outdoors, while the grass grows and flowers bloom under blue skies, which increases pollen count, grass seeds and the winds bring allergens and dust our way! As a fellow hay fever sufferer, I too am caught by the paradox of welcoming Spring. But it’s a time of year when hopefully brighter days are ahead for us all, in many ways. Even with it being allergy season, there are some simple lifestyle changes, supplements and treatments available that can help.

Spring tips and hints: 

  1. Helping your body to cope with allergens

Allergies happen when a stressor (antigen) overstimulates the body’s immune system and causes a reaction. During the springtime when pollens are in the air, these tiny particles cause that overstimulation to produce those annoying hay fever symptoms. Some supplements and herbs are generally able to suppress this response and therefore reduce those symptoms. Reducing the exposure you have to some allergens can also be of benefit.  

  1. Supplements 

Two supplements that can have a beneficial effect are Spirulina and EFA’s (Essential Fatty Acids). My favourite way to take EFA’s is the newer developed and cleaner made Algae-based supplements. Spirulina can be taken as a tablet or as a powder and the research behind it is very impressive. 

  1. Pollens and herbs 

Two of my favourite herbs for allergies are Eyebright and Albizia. Albizia is traditionally used in ayurvedic medicine for allergic disorders and is fantastic for allergic rhinitis. Eyebright, as the name suggests is often used for inflammation of the eyes, but for our purposes is great for sinusitis, sneezing and hayfever. 

  1. Gut health 

One of the most exciting areas of research at the moment is on probiotics and fermented food. Several studies coming out of Sydney and Melbourne in the last few years have shown that probiotics can reduce allergy response in hayfever. Fermented foods like sauerkraut and kefir have also been shown to increase beneficial gut bacteria and reduce allergy responses. 

If you need support to get ahead of allergy season and make some simple changes to diet, lifestyle and be prescribed practitioner quality supplements then make a Naturopathy or TCM booking with us today.

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